Who’s Nitrateyaaa?


Althea Diaz Areta is my full name. I’m a simple Filipina and currently living with my parents in Cainta, Rizal. I’m an only child. I am exploring life for about 17 years(as of 2015) already. I’d like to travel the world if I would be given the chance but for now I will just focus on my studies. I am a chemist in the making and studying in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m taking a program that is very unrelated with what I’m posting here but I really do like writing. I think I mentioned about it on one of my posts “Photography and Writing”. Anyways I’m gonna tell you again when was I started posting snippets about random things.

So it started on May 22, 2015 I think, during my summer break when I was first year college. At first I was hesitant to post my writings here because I was insecure to my parents knowing that they are both good writers. But in the end, I end up having an account here and the rest is history lol.

Nitrateyaaa is taken from ‘Nitrate’ and ‘Teya'(Teya is my nickname). I also don’t know why I put three a’s on the end. Lol

So if you have something to tell me to improve my writings just comment here. I would be very pleased if you do so. I would be glad to know your opinions. Please also tell me if I have grammar mistakes. Thank you for reading. 😙😙

All photos here are mine. Please address the credits to me if ever you will repost them.



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