The glimpse of you felt like home. For the first time, I wanted to go home.



The moment I saw you, I’ve made up my mind, I wanted something real. I wanted someone real.


You are my cup of coffee

Palpitates my heart

Yet slowly killing me

all I need is a cup of coffee and your warm hugs and long walks and your hand to entangle with mine and you


Kung sakaling aalis ka na…


Kung sakaling aalis ka na, pwede bang isama mo na sa iyong paglisan lahat ng mga ala ala mong ibinigay sa akin? huwag kang mag-iiwan ng kahit anong pagpapanggap.

Kung sakaling aalis ka na, isama mo sa iyong paglisan ang malalamig mong kamay na minsan pa’y nagpainit sa akin. Wag mong iiwan, dahil mahal tanggap ko na sa tuwing hinahawakan kita ay napapaso ka na. Sa tuwing niyayakap kita ay nalalapnos ka dahil mahal tanggap ko na hindi ako ang hinahanap mong init. Nagkamali ka.

Kung sakaling aalis ka na, isama mo sa iyong paglisan ang mga patay na rosas, na nalunod sa tubig, natuyo sa init. Ikaw sana ang rosas ko. Dalhin mo lahat ng mga tuyong rosas dahil sawa na ako magdilig sa bulaklak na kahit kailan man ay alam kong hindi na muling uusumbong pa.

Kung sakaling aalis ka na, isama mo sa iyong paglisan ang mga matatamis mong salita na dati rati’y hinihintay kong marinig mula sa’yo. Huwag kang mag-iiwan ng bakas ng kasinungalingan na mahal mo ako at babalik ka pa dahil mahal ko alam kong gusto mo ng dagat pero patawad isa lamang akong ilog na pilit mang itangay ka sa agos ko ay hindi ka pa rin sasama.

Kung sakaling aalis ka na, isama mo sa iyong paglisan lahat ng pagpapanggap at pagkukunwari mo. Kung sakaling aalis ka na, huwag ka magiiwan ng kahit anong marka sa buhay ko. Kung sakaling aalis ka na, maaari bang huwag ka nang bumalik pa kahit kailan?

moved out 

​when you make her laugh, you will hear my melancholic voice faking every chuckle

when you kiss her, you will remember how sloppy kisser I am and you will miss me

when you hug her, you will feel my flesh and you will just wanna go home but only for you to find out that I have found my new haven 

You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

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If ever Love failed to make us stay, you would remember me in everything that you will do just like what I’m feeling for you everyday, how I see you in everything I do.

When you wake up, you would miss my good morning messages that always reminds you to eat well, to stay safe and to have a great day.

When you’re about to sip your coffee, you would remember me for I’m not allowed to drink that and you were always there to say no. But by that time please know that I would be drinking black coffee just to stay awake and to avoid you in my dreams.

When you’re about to eat your meal, you would remember how I always annoy you to eat more than you wanted because I want you to be huggable. You would lose your appetite just the thought of me being gone. But please no, I would be sad. Please eat well.

When you’re about to go to school or let’s say to work, you would miss my endless “please be safe, message me when you’re already there” messages.

When you’re about to look at our old pictures, you would notice how happy we were before and you would regret and wonder what happened to us.

When you’re about to listen to my voice messages, you would realize how lucky you were that I was so inspired to sing for you, you would miss those laughters between my songs, how I was out of tune and how I was stuttering.

When you’re about to study, you would miss my reminders to you to study well and don’t play video games till you’re not finsh. I would still know that you would still choose to play first before to study, I know you that well.

When you’re about to play video games, you would miss being irritated because there would be no me that annoys and floods you messages that keeps on telling you that you’re not making me your priority.

When you’re about to open your social medias, you would miss how your notifications were flooded . They would be empty for no one is flooding you anymore.

When you’re about to make a poem, you would miss how I wanted to recieve many from you, by that time you would be full of ideas but you have no one to give those to.

When you’re about to read our old conversations, you would miss me, you would miss how sweet I was before, how I managed to tell you how much I loved you.

If ever you feel down and lonely, you would miss how clingy I was to you, how I told you things that you’re not a failure, that you were a blessing to me, that I was there for you. I meant those words.

When you’re about to sleep, you would miss my good night messages telling you to sleep tight, have a sweet dreams, and dream of me. You would be a awake for hours thinking how am I doing now or do I even miss you.

If you ever really miss me, just let me know, I’m just one call away, I might tell you I miss you too.

And when you’re about to realize that you still love me, you would miss me, because I would be gone by that time for you just have realized it too late.

Don’t make me fall in love with you

Don’t make me fall in love with you. We would always go to the nearest beach or bay just to see the sunset. I’ve always wanted to watch how the sun sets but ’till now I don’t have the chance to see that or maybe because kismet already planned that date to be special with  my love.

Don’t make me fall in love with you for I would always get jelous whenever you talk about your past relationships, just forget them, let’s make our own memories.

Don’t make me fall in love with you. I would expect gifts from you on our monthsaries, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and so on for those dates are special to me.

Don’t make me fall in love with you because I would always give you crafts and small efforts like poems and love letters though it’s just an ordinary day.

Don’t make me fall in love with you.
I would always want to receive poems and love letters from you ’cause I love how words can express your feelings for me.

Don’t make me fall in love with you. I am attention seeker, I would get mad if I can’t contact you, If I can’t reach you. I would get angry just because you are not replying that fast, I would think that there are things that are more important than me.

Don’t make fall in love with you. I would always ask you how your day was and I would want to know if you misses me or is it just okay with you not seeing me.

Don’t make me fall in love with you, I would notice all your changes from our first conversation to our latest one, from all your efforts before up to now, I can’t help but to comapre those doings. I would get upset because I’ve known that you’ve became less romantic or so what. I can’t help but worry if you still love me or not.

Don’t make me fall in love with you, I can be the clingiest and possessive girl that would always demand your time. I wanna talk to you all day, I want to be with you all day to the point you would get annoyed because I’m disturbing to your life.

Don’t make me fall in love with you. I would love you more than I could love myself and you would just get irritated to me.