Starless nights

There was a girl who likes to catch stars every night.
Interstellar sky- that was the life she would always love to live.

But the very next day, she was mesmerized by how the moon smiles to her.
By how the moon stays with her every time during starless nights
When the stars are not there to comfort her during her sleepless nights, stressed hours at 3 am’s, paranoid mindset and scary room.
By how its round, grayish appearance makes her calm.
By how its mysteriousness makes her curious, wanting every details about him.

From then on, she always waits the sky to dim, the sun to sets, the moon to shines disregarding the little stars.
She constantly falls in love with the  moon every night, for the first time without even realizing it.
This time she wanted to catch the moon not knowing the he was already hers.
Time came where she already knew what she was up to and she said I love you.

But a moonless night came.
And how witless she was to look upon to stars again.
How stupid she was to think those little stars are better than her moon.
They are nothing compared to her moon, she knows it deep inside but she’s stubborn enough to be mad.
The moon got upset.
And she’s not even sure what to do, cursing every little stars.
Realizing her mistake, she’s not sure of herself anymore.

But there’s one thing she is sure of, she’s staying with her moon, hoping that he would never leave her.



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