Dear Anonymous (Part 2)


Dear ‘I don’t know who you are but we’re gonna be cute together someday’ Anonymous

I like to watch old movies, because they are the naked type of ideas, unlike today’s conceptions that are full of unrealistic scenes that are not gonna happen in real life. I want to watch old movies with you but I think you won’t like me when we watch together.

I will just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk until the movie ends. I will annoy you by asking a hundred questions about the plot of the movie. I hope you get chafed. And if ever your facial expression became odd or somewhat ill, it would please me very much because that would be the time I will irritate you even more.

I can’t keep my focus on the movie because there is a lot of ideas coming to my head. Non sense ideas, like why aren’t you eating your pop corn or why does your hair standing like that or why are you so concentrated on that movie? Look at me, talk to me, answer my questions.

I can’t understand the whole movie without someone explaining it to me part by part because I hate listening to the aggravating accents of the actors and actresses, it’s like they are eating their words. I need subtitles.

You would get tired of me If I did this to you right? But please don’t get cheesed off at me. Would you still love me?

Potentially Yours,


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