She was there…

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


He was crying at the staircase when they first met. The story behind it was he was being bullied by the cool kids, the bullies took his lunch box and he got nothing to do but to sit there and cry. She witnessed what had happened and she offered him her sandwich instead. She told him that she was already full and gave him her sweetest smile. So he accepted her sandwich and started eating it and so was their friendship.

She had always been there for him in times of good and bad and worse. She was there when he got accepted to the univerity’s basketball league. She was his number one fan, always in the front row of the bleachers cheering for him with a banner saying ‘you can do it, you’re the best, MY MVP’ . However he just looked at her, but never smiled. He never said thank you.

She was always taking care of him especially when he was sick. She skipped class just to be with him. Whenever he got failing grades, she was there to comfort him and give advices that would lighten his mood. She made jokes hoping that he would laugh but he just gave her his poker face concealing his true feelings. He wanted to laugh but chose to hide it to her.

She was there in his graduation day. She wore a red dress because she knew that he would wear a red tuxedo, but when he removed his toga-academic dress, she was surprised to see that he was wearing a blue tux. He knew about her plan and he did not want them to look like a sweet couple wearing couple formal clothes.

The thing about him was he took her for granted because he thought that she would always be there for him. He thought that  she would not leave him. He thought that she would never get tired of being sweet and caring to him. He thought that she would never stop loving him. But they were just thoughts.

She was there when he was crying but he refused to accept her handkerchief. She was there when no one else could understand him. She was there to make him happy and smile but he just hid his laughter. She was there when he couldn’t realize that he also loves her.

The problem about him is, he always tries to push people away before they leave and hurt him and if ever he doesn’t succeed, he himself walks away. He tries to push people away until it is too late to realize that they are important.

Now she is not there, he is still there, waiting for her to come back. He wants to say ‘I love you’ but she’s not there anymore.  He  has never felt so hurt like this before, as far as he remember, the last time a thing hurt him was the sandwich incident. He feels like he can’t endure the throbbing pain in his chest right now. It’s like someone is stabbing his heart succeedingly and he’s got nothing to do but to let his tears go and so is their friendship and wasted love story.


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