Still Have Not



Don’t tell me that you’ve moved on already because you still have not.

Posting status on social medias like this line “I don’t care” is a sign that you still give a damn, because if you really don’t care, you won’t post things like this , because if you really don’t give a heed, the idea itself that you don’t care would not even cross your mind.

Saying he is not your loss and instead you are his lost also shows that you are still bitter about your past relationship. He was once your lover . You felt secured in his arms before, you once accepted his flaws and imperfections. You once felt happy with his love.

Blocking him is so immature, it just makes them think that you hate him. Hating him means you are still getting affected in everything he posts, tweets or messages to you. Getting affected means he is still important to you. Just pretend that nothing ever happened. If ever his posts piss you off, then it’s a great timing, you can hate him that much and that can ease up your healing process from your heartbreak.

Your heart still palpitates whenever you hear his name or his voice. Don’t tell me that you don’t love him anymore ’cause I know you still do, your hands get cold easily when you remember something that you did like eating one gallon of ice cream together, teasing school children that would make them cry or maybe just a simple walk in the park with your hands tangled together. It’s the pain and the tears that let you know that you haven’t moved on yet.

But you know what, the best way to let go of someone is to hate them. You can’t undo what you have already done like the memories you had with him. You just have to accept that people just come and go.

Dumpers are always assholes so probably he is asshole. That’s the best reason to hate him.

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