The Color Of Mistake


Edited, Photo credits:

Her: Why do we always use red crayon to color the heart?

Him: Because it’s the color of the blood and the heart has it?
Her: No, it’s because our hearts are always wrong, we are never right. Our hearts are never true, they just make us feel in love but no, who says we are in love? We are just foolishes of love.

We use red crayon,  red color pencil, red marker, red oil pastel, red paint and any material that can color you can name, for the heart. It seems like it is already mandatory to color the heart red, I don’t know where did they get that idea that heart should be colored like that. It’s like we aim to mend the broken heart on the drawing, we act like we are picking the fragmented pieces of the broken heart. It’s shattered because no one was able to catch the heart when it was already falling. We fall because we thought things can be different, hearts can be different but thoughts are only thoughts, they can never be reality. Hearts are always wrong and they deceive us.

Him: (laughs sarcasticly) And what’s the connection of color red on that?

Her: Don’t laugh. It’s the same thing when it comes to our test papers, we use red ballpen to correct our mistakes. (Hands him a red crayon and gives him her heart)


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