Nothing Compared To Him

Her: Why are you doing stuff like this?

Him: What do you mean?

Her: You’re struggling to play guitar, your fingers are swelling but you still keep on learing it. Then later you’re gonna read your “How To Be Fluent In French” book when in fact it’s not related to your program and course. Then after that you would write a depressing story again that doesn’t believe in fairytales. You are also trying hard to perfect your muffins. Why are you doing these things? Why do you want to learn them at the same time?

Him: Because you told me that I am nothing.

Her: I never told you that.

Him: Yes you did. You told me that he is a musician that he can sing and play guitar, that he is fluent in French and Spanish, that he is full of ideas and can turn thoughts and ideas into life. You told me that your favorite food is muffin. And lastly you told me that you love him. Maybe you would love me too if I learned these things.


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