TFIOP: The Fault In Our Prides


Do you ever wonder what if you just asked forgiveness from your mother after she bawled out? What if you just gave the extra doughnut to your brother instead of making a fuss about who should be the one to eat that? What if you just hugged your girlfriend/boyfriend instead of fighting back? Relationships would be better if you lower your pride.

It’s not that hard to say sorry to them, or let’s just say they are the ones who commited the mistakes, but still you have to do it sincerely, if they are not humble enough to do it, you do it so. If it’s still indurate, then try closing your eyes and then say “I’m sorry. Please forget about that”. I’m a hundred percent sure that saying sorry would ease the tension. They are more important than your ego, please remember that. Your anger is only temporary and they are not.

Sorry for reposting this, I have deleted the last version of this post huhu.

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