Crossing The Line

Why do you have to be bestfriends with your opposite sex when you can go along with your same sex peers? According to my studies which is more on my perception, there is a 99.9876% that either the two of you will eventually fall for one another. You’re lucky if the both of you will find fondess to each other, just a pure opinion of mine.

I have a cousin who is in love with his girl bestfriend. Let’s just call him ‘Gian’. So Gian has this indomitable attitude. He never stops on trying and putting an effort on something until he gets what he wants.

This past few days, he kept on bugging me on what should he do to make his confession to that girl. I told him to keep it, because it would hurt like hell if ever the girl doesn’t have the intention to date him. I asked him why the heck he fell in love with that girl when in fact they both knew that they were just “bestfriends”. When it comes to this situation, you have to know your limitations. The thing is I know this girl. She is pretty and nice. The last time I checked, she didn’t look at Gian the way he looked at her. I saw how Gian was deeply into her but I think she didn’t notice it. Or just so I thought? She talked to him casually, nothing sweetly or cheesy. And that was why I was afraid to make him confess his true feelings.

I told him to stop his affection and daydreaming about her because she only treated him as a bestfriend the way I saw it, nothing more. Confessing to her means sacrificing their friendship. Then he answered me, “You can’t control your feelings, you can’t teach your heart who to love. You can’t stop the butterlies in your stomach from rambling. You can’t choose the exact time and date when to love.” That hit me. I don’t know what part of his answer struck me that much but there is one thing I have realized, “Love is a very unexpected thing God has given us.”

But on the second thought, if he would just keep his feelings toward her, it would haunt him forever that maybe she also likes him. So in the end, I told him to try. I know he was ready to sacrifice their friendship for the sake of his lifetime relationship with her because he finally confessed it to her. Yes he did. They are dating now! I was so wrong. I was wrong for giving him advices like that. And for the girl, I will give her an ‘A++++++’ for her experty in hiding her feelings lol. I salute her.

Sometimes we have to cross the line-the limitations for a better place. We don’t know what is waiting there for us until we get to go there.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

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