What If Snow White Never Bit The Apple?

Do you ever wonder what would happen if Snow White didn’t really bite the apple which was handed to her by the witch? What if Snow White was not gullible enough to eat that? What if she used her brain right to reject the witch’s apple?


If I were the one on that situation, probably, I would be frightened because first of all, the mien of the old lady was somewhat scary and it creeps me out not including the fact that she was a witch. Maybe snow white was incable of determining whether a person is good or bad. Second, there is a rule ” Don’t talk to strangers”. Ugh maybe she was really the mother of Dopey, such a knucklehead. Third, you just don’t eat food from anyone, you don’t eat apple from a stranger without washing it.

Okay that was a fairytale. Again. Sorry for huffing here.

Snow White’s situation can be compared to all the girls here who have been fooled by their so called lovers. The girls bite the apple of the guys not knowing that they are jerks. They have fallen for their dearly and cheesy lines. Those jerks made them believe that they are special to them to the point they call the girls ‘baby’. When in fact they can already build girlfriends institution for they have many babies out there. Hahaha joke. But still they are scumbag. And when they already got what they wanted they would just leave the girl down the cliff.

This is not a fairytale. There’s no prince anymore that will save you. Don’t expect the ordinary guys to be saving you like you are a damsel in distress.

So as I was saying, what if Snow White never bit the apple? Probably the witch would continue to make horrible plans to kill her and there would be no happy ending. See, fairytales will do something lame just to make the ending good to the eyes of the children. Ugh I hate fairytales.

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