It means ‘ I love you’


They say when someone gives you three flowers it means I love you. Is there anything sweeter than this? It’s corny yet cheesy. Imagine your love of your life gives you three roses or let’s say they are not even roses, they are just tulips, but still it’s so special. Right?

My friend once told me that it may also means ‘I hate you‘. It took me an hour before I really digested that statement. Like what the heck was her problem that time? That perception of her was just so disgusting to me. Was she being bitter?

But later on, I’ve come to realize that MAYBE she was right. I was being naive all the time that I thought that anyone who gives you three flowers really want to say I love you. Maybe those guys were forced to give those flowers to you because they have no one to give those to. Maybe they just like messing around.

And I’m also planning to give my friend those three flowers for ruining my insight about the true meaning of it.

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