“He loves me”, the flower says


“He loves me”

“He loves me not”

“He loves me”

“He loves me not”

“He loves me”

The little girl said mimicking Ariel the  little mermaid. She was sitting on the bench in our club house. This was the exact line of the leading mermaid on the movie. I think the girl was around 5 years old. I was in complete awe that time because I really can’t imagine a little girl like that already knows what love is. I’m talking about romatic way of love. She seemed nice so I asked her what was she doing.

“He loves me, the flowers says, 5 petals means he loves me” she answered me and smiled goofily.

“Who are you referring to?” I sat beside her.

“My boyfriend. Shhh” She said while blushing.

I still remember that conversation and I don’t know if I’m going to laugh or get annoyed because the 6 year-old girl has a better love life than me.

But kidding aside, those petals have nothing to do with his feelings. That is what I hate the most about fairytales. They are teaching us frivolous things about life. Do you think a flower can tell you if he/she truly loves you? Duh. As if they can talk. I’m not being kill joy here, I’m just being honest. Why don’t you ask him/her for his/her true feelings? It won’t hurt you, you know.

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