Photography and Writing

I can’t remember the exact date the first time I started to post random pictures on instagram but I’m certain that it happened one month ago. Aspiring photographers can understand me with this thingy. I don’t know but I feel happy whenever I have the chance to shot beautiful scenery or view. I plan to post those shots here and attach captions that are both related to the picture itself and to the real life situation. Yes, I admit that my shots are not that perfect and maybe some of you might tell me that they are not even good, but it’s okay, I accept your opinions. I also don’t know if I have the right to blog here haha.

This is not even my forte. I’m not also into writing before though my parents are both writers. Ironic. It was like my fear has overcome me to write. I was intimidated because of them. I’m not saying that they were the ones who did that to me. I was like that because they are such a good talents and I was afraid to be compared to them.

But then I realized no matter what I do people will interfere with my life and judge me so me as well should do what will make me happy but of course in a good way. Actually, I already have short stories but I still don’t have the guts to post those stories online, maybe I should edit them first.


So this is a sample of my shot lol
. I told you so, I’m still a beginner.

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